Well-being politics in Europe – by the Spinoza Factory

As European nations grapple with stagflation and sovereign debt, could a greater focus on social progress and happiness goals by our politicians have helped prevent the crisis? ‘Well-being politics’ has lost momentum across the Continent as the European economy has ricocheted from one disaster to the next, but could point the way to a more stable and sustainable future. The Spinoza Factory, the Paris-based think tank for citizens’ well-being, offers a short analysis.

The Spinoza Factory was interviewed by the English think-tank the Young Fabians on the topic of ‘Is Growth enought ?’ and presented its conclusion at the British Parliament in a lecture at the House of Lords, with Lord Richard Layard, the famous well-being economist.

Read the full interview Page 20 and 21 in the review Anticipations-January-2012.